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An innovative and interoperable network that serves the needs of mission-critical entities to securely communicate via high-capacity bandwidth previously unavailable in rural areas of the western U.S.

GovNET Inc.

GovNET Inc. is a unique, specialized telecommunications firm that is committed to data integrity, secure high capacity transmissions, and customized network connections at an affordable rate. The focus is to handle the specific needs of local, state and federal agency intercommunications with the utmost in security and reliability of 99.999% uptime.

GovNET's flexible statewide infrastructure allows customers to customize their needs, bandwidth and locations. A flat fee charge is determined without traditional distance charges. Anyone on the network can economically reach anyone else with no compromise in security or reliability.

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DISCLAIMER: GovNET commits to Nondiscrimination and Interconnection Obligations with regard to its network, and adheres to the principles contained in the FCC's Internet Policy Statement.